The Art of Photography

Photography in the XIX century came to replace the fine arts. At that time it was impossible to photograph all the moments of human life. Therefore, each picture was production, it took a lot of time to create it. All this made the photo very beautiful. Soon such images began to be called artistic.
Changes in the XXI century in the technique and art of photography
Now the situation has changed. Everyone has a camera. Many people have a smartphone with a built-in camera in their pocket. This divided the photo into two types: to the artistic was added a reportage survey. The second category includes frames that are not of artistic value. These are pictures from real life, which are not improved by means of all sorts of filters.
Art photography also underwent some changes. With the advent of digital cameras and smartphones, many new genres were discovered. Significantly simplified means of processing photos. If before all to achieve it was necessary by means of illumination and a background now now to the aid comes "Photoshop" and optical filters.
Photographic equipment is constantly becoming much more accessible. But the number of talented photographers grows very slowly. All because not everyone can understand the art of photography. Even the works of great artists are not appreciated by all. What can we say about photography ... It was never easy to make a beautiful photo. Not every camera owner tries to achieve a great composition. And without such a frame, in any case, loses its artistic value. To get high-quality photos, this business needs to be loved. You need to practice daily making dozens and even hundreds of pictures, as well as getting acquainted with the work of famous photographers.
It is also necessary to delve into the subtleties of the camera, which is also not everyone wants to spend their time. Because of all this, the Internet is flooded with photographs that do not cause the viewer any interest. As a home photo they are quite suitable, but no more.
The Art of Digital Photography
You can make an expressive photo even with the help of a normal smartphone. But such a shot will be a rare success of the photographer. It is impossible in this way to put the production of artistic photography on stream. Any professional photographer gets a lot of equipment. In some cases, it is only required to save time. But time is money. All photographers want to earn a large sum for less time.
The technique and art of photography in the modern world are inextricably linked. The main assistant of the photographer is a computer working with Windows or Mac OS X. It will necessarily install a graphics editor, in which the pictures are brought to the mind. No camera makes perfect shots, so technical flaws (vignetting, granularity, moire) should be discarded. When shooting a photomodel, the skin is exposed to treatment, which is then cleared of defects.
The camera is usually chosen by professionals as a mirror. Now in the production of such devices are occupied by Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Sony. If we talk about the art of photography for beginners, then more is not required. You can take a "whale" lens and start shooting. Some shots will be very impressive, which is not a sin to call artistic. But their creation will have to spend all their energy. Or you can work in Photoshop. That's why the most famous photographers are not limited to a computer and a single SLR camera.
Additionally, a lens is purchased. And not one, for shooting different genres requires their own optics. In the city park, you can try using an ultra-wide-angle lens, which will allow the viewer to view all the surrounding space in the photo. In studio photography, you can not do without a portrait lens. Such optics have some fixed focal length, as well as a very wide opening diaphragm. Macro photography also uses special lenses.
Often, photographers buy an additional camera. And not necessarily a DSLR. As a spare, you can use a system camera or even a compact. They have smaller dimensions, which makes it possible without any problems to take them with you for a walk or holiday. System cameras in the future are able to completely displace the mirrors themselves, they are so rapidly developing now. Compact cameras - on the contrary, reached their peak. With their help, the art of digital photography is recommended only for newcomers. The quality of the images in this case will not be the most impressive, and beautiful bokeh with the help of such devices can not be achieved.
Additional photographic equipment
Photographers and other equipment use it. In many cases, a stable tripod is required. Only with its help is it much easier to shoot at slow shutter speeds. Often in the hands of photographers there is a light filter. This is a special glass, which is wound on the lens or inserted before it into a special nozzle. Glass can have different properties. Some filters are capable of absorbing ultraviolet rays. Others have polarization properties, due to which from the image parasitic reflections from water and glass surfaces disappear. Also, there are graduated filters, designed to give saturation to a particular color (green grass, blue sky or brown ground). It is with the help of such filters that the picture changes beyond recognition without loss of quality.
No professional photographer can do without a flash. It is necessary when shooting in dark rooms or on the street. Outdoors, the flash can help even on a bright sunny day. In the studio, instead of it, special lighting is most often used. In its quality, special lamps, diffusers, reflectors and many other devices are used. Without good and bright lighting, you can not get a good picture. In some cases, the model is removed against a background of green or blue fabric. In the graphics editor, it is then changed to a background. Without skills of work in such a program is indispensable. Everything now boils down to the fact that the art of artistic photography is comprehended not only with the help of a camera, but also with Photoshop.
The art of black and white photography
Any photographer tries to stand out among his colleagues. Some follow the alternative path, preferring minimalism in their work. Sometimes such a person can pick up a smartphone and confine oneself only to them. There are many cases when such people achieved success. Their pictures from Instagram hit the exhibitions, won prizes. It is believed that these people are shooting in the genre of "Mobilography".
Another example of minimalism is the art of black and white photography. To obtain these pictures, you do not need a great camera. On such frames almost all artifacts are not appreciable. If they do, then fix them in a graphical editor is not difficult. The most famous photos are made in black and white. Suffice it to recall the raising of the Soviet flag over the Reichstag in Berlin. Then this was due to the lack of color photographic film. But even now a lot of black and white pictures can be seen at exhibitions. In such photographs it is easier to attract the viewer's attention to this or that detail, it is easier to evoke emotions from him.
Some photographers go so deep into the world of black and white photographs that they cease to recognize the art of color photography.
Genres and art of color photography
If you drop the reportage picture, then there will be a huge number of genres that are considered artistic. To list them all does not make sense. But some genres are certainly worth mentioning.
The most popular genre in the world of art photography is a portrait. Suffice it to recall the sale of stock images - most actively buy images of people. It is not necessary to photograph the model in the studio at all. Pictures of smiling people on the streets or in an unusual room are equally popular. You can easily find such photos in magazines and even in your family album. Beautiful can be and night photography. This is also a separate genre. Most often at night, cities are photographed. The reason is banal - they are very well illuminated, it makes no sense to shoot a forest wilderness at night. But even for shooting urban landscapes at night requires a long exposure. This leads to an unusual effect. Clearly in the frame are drawn fixed objects - buildings, lampposts, motorways. People and cars in such photographs are either not visible at all, or are greatly eroded. On the spot there are only long tracks from the headlights. Create a beautiful night snapshot is very difficult. To obtain a work of art from such a photograph is an incredible success.
In times of active development of painting artists regularly worked on still life. It was explained by the immovability of objects, they can easily be transferred to the canvas. People can not sit still for a long time. Now such a problem does not exist, to create a photo requires only a second of patience. Still lifes in the world of photography still exist. But over their creation they work for the soul. Theoretically, still life can be considered and numerous photos of food in Instagram. But it is better to put them in the category of mobileography. A real still life should have beautiful lighting or a background, and the products (flowers or other objects - not important) must be decomposed in a random order. Among the newcomers, landscape photography is popular. And it is these photos that many people admire. An experienced photographer can create a real miracle from a landscape photo. It is when shooting landscapes that the above-mentioned light filters are used.
Pictures of nudity are recorded immediately in two categories. Technically, it's still a portrait. But more often such a photograph is called a representative of the genre "Nu". In the Middle Ages, drawing of nudity was also popular. Only the very good artist could show the beauty of the female body. With photographs, the situation is similar. Make a high-quality nude photos is only capable of a very talented person.
No less artistic can be an architectural photograph. All without exception, the images are processed in a graphics editor. Documentary accuracy in the form is then lost, and various effects visually improve the picture. To get a great shot, photographers use shooting from other buildings or from a helicopter.
Astrophotography has gained great popularity in the last decade. Earlier you could take a picture of the starry sky with a telescope. Now any such SLR camera with a highly sensitive matrix is ​​capable of this. It is necessary only a clear cloudless sky, a tripod and a very long exposure. In some cases, a special device is used that moves the camera after the stars.
Art photography as a work of art
This is only a small list of genres of artistic photography. There is also lomography, luminography, pin-up photography, pinhole photography, underwater photography and many other genres. But they are all so specific that they require a separate conversation. From ordinary genres, they differ in that for such a shooting you need unusual technical equipment. This is not a portrait or landscape, which is available for shooting with any camera. In this case, photography is a work of art.

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