Ash - fraxinus

Ash is in the Oleaceae family, the same as the olive and the lilac trees. The fraxinus family has 65 species most of which are medium to large trees. Mountain ash is a type of rowan and belongs to the genus Sorbus.

Ash is a hard and dense wood which has an elastic quality that has been used for many years to make bows and baseball bats. White ash and European ash are popular choices for flooring material. Unlike locust it is rarely used in an outdoor situation because it has a low ground resistance and rots within 5 years if subjected to outdoor weather.

Ash is a joy to work with because it looks great when it is finished and polished up. It is easy to screw, nail or glue. It is also easily stained. For these reasons it makes a versatile flooring material.

The sapwood is cream coloured and the heartwood is a nutty brown. The straight grain is prized for its beautiful pattern. Ash makes a great hardwood flooring and due to its elasticity it is suitable for floors with radiant heating, concrete slab foundations or anywhere where humidity is an issue.

From a reclaimed flooring point of view, antique ash flooring often has less nail holes, saw marks and water stains than other reclaimed woods. For those looking for a less rustic reclaimed flooring look, ash might be your preferred choice.

Reclaimed white ash

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