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Watch out for companies that give made-up names for hardwoods to disguise the hardwood’s origin. For example ‘Brazilian cherry’ is really the endangered Jatoba.

It is essential to ask for FSC certification before buying any hardwood flooring. It is not enough to be shown to be shown a chain-of-custody (CoC) certificate. This only shows that a supplier has the right to sell FSC products, not that the flooring before you is actually from a sustained forestry project.

The following companies also carry some uncertified hardwood flooring that should be avoided:

Bruce Hardwood Flooring, Lauzon, Columbia Flooring, Kährs, Robbins
Black River Floors
Hoboken Flooring (this brand is carried by The Home Depot)
Shaw Floors, Mohawk, Mullican Flooring, Eterna, Tembec
Johnson Premium Hardwood Flooring
Moxon Timbers, Inc.
LM Flooring
Anderson Hardwood, including Appalachian Hardwood Floors, Anderson Pacific, Biltmore, Virginia Vintage and Medallions
Award Hardwood Floors
Bellefloor Hardwood Flooring

It is a long list. It represents just how the forces of money can overcome any common sense. Importing uncertified ‘exotic hardwood’ will bring a quick profit but will also bring about global changes that impact everyone. We will all be losers unless the consumer demand for rainforest hardwoods for flooring is not halted by international embargoes and consumer revulsion.

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