What is Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring?

Recovered hardwood is wood that has been recouped or found. It tends to be classical ground surface from a denounced house, school or emergency clinic; or it very well may be hardwood found in a landfill. Regularly it is hardwood that has been pulled out of a stream or lake. In most of cases it is hardwood that has been surrendered, that is viewed as waste, refuse or garbage. Hardwood is a costly and significant ware on the planet since it takes somewhere in the range of 50 and 120 years for a hardwood tree to arrive at development. The incredible woodlands of the world are being over-logged and cleared for cultivating. It is evaluated that in under 40 years all the rainforests on the planet will be cleared.It is consequently basic that we put forth the attempt to save what little survives from the rainforests. We can do this by purchasing recovered hardwood rather than recently felled hardwood or 'new development' hardwood for our wood needs.

One of our major wood needs is for flooring. Wood flooring is better than carpets because it is allergen free. It is also strong and durable. With the correct maintenance a hardwood floor can last a life time. And the same is true of reclaimed hardwood floors.

Reclaimed hardwood flooring has a different texture and look to new hardwood flooring. It has a smoother texture and a unique look. Often the colours are richer and the markings more pronounced. A reclaimed hardwood floor is an object of beauty and pride that can draw your attention. You find yourself almost unwittingly studying the various shades and patterns in the flooring. It looks more 'organic' and 'aged'. Reclaimed hardwood flooring gives a room a distinctive and classic look that is hard to beat in terms of interior design. However, often reclaimed hardwood flooring has nail marks, dents and other 'imperfections' that not everyone appreciates.

Please use this website as a resource to learn more about reclaimed hardwood flooring. The catergories down the left allow you to investigate individual wood types. The navigation bar above contains links to pages on various related issues. The directory page has a list of reclaimed hardwood suppliers in America and the UK so you can locally source your recalimed hardwood. Finally, there is a blog or post section with tips and updates.

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