Maple - Acer

Maple belongs to the Aceraceae family of trees. Maple trees typically grow between 10 and 45 meters (30-145ft). They have distinctive leaves and are often planted as ornamental trees. Of course the most famous use of maple is making maple syrup.

Some maples have a highly distinctive wood grain which is particularly valued for flooring purposes. The heartwood varies from almost white to a pale reddish brown. Maple doesn't stain very well so is normally installed in its natural colour.

The best maples for timber are sugar maple sometimes known as 'hard maple' or 'rock maple' found in North America and Sycamore maple found in Europe. Brazilian maple is also a popular hardwood. The best hard maple comes from above the 38th parallel where the shorter seasons produce maples with closer more uniform grain.

Maple is a strong wood that is favoured for indoor sports floors. Sports that have traditionally been played on maple flooring include bowling and basketball.

Maple has a Janka Hardness Rating of 1,450, making it harder than oak.

Rustic maple

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