The first post on should clear up any confusion in nomenclature. Here are a few key distinctions that it is worth being clear about.

Reclaimed Hardwood flooring is often synonymous with antique hardwood flooring. This is true when the flooring has been sourced from a condemned building. However this is not always the case. Sometimes the hardwood has come from an outdoor building such as a barn, or even from a mine shaft. This is frequently the case in the USA. The wood is kiln dried and sent to a mill to be turned into flooring planks. Another scenario is wood taken from the bottom of a lake or river. This is reclaimed hardwood but obviously not antique flooring.

There is no advantage to the hardwood being from a flooring source or an outdoor source. The key issue in each case is the quality of the wood. The structural integrity of the wood and the buyer's personal preference about how 'rustic' or unmarked he or she wants the flooring to be.

Another point to be clear about is that although using reclaimed hardwood flooring is an example of recycling it is not the same as recycled wood. Recycled wood is off cuts and other discarded pieces of wood that are often processed into a 'wood based' product such as decking. In contrast, reclaimed hardwood flooring is 100% hardwood and not a combination of natural and man made materials.

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