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Only oak is more popular than ash. Part of the reason for the popularity of ash flooring is that it has a light golden color that is very striking. The light color makes a room look bigger and brighter. In the USA and Canada you can find green ash, blue ash, black ash, pumpkin ash, carolina ash, white ash and indigo ash. It is the white ash which is mostly used for flooring in America. In Europe the European ash is the most popular type of ash tree.

The main reason why you should buy reclaimed ash flooring is that the ash tree is endangered. Ever since the emerald ash borer (EAB) entered North America in the late 1990s it has been slowly spreading from state to state. It is believed that 7 billion ash trees could be killed by the wood boring beetle. It is thus imperative that we try and conserve and protect the ash tree in Northern America.

In two important aspects reclaimed ash flooring is better than new ash flooring. Firstly, ash is prone to shrink and swell a lot with changes in humidity. Ash flooring can expand up to 7mm per square meter. Compare this with oak flooring which moves only 3mm per square meter. In contrast to new ash flooring, reclaimed ash flooring moves less and is far more stable because it has been kiln dried twice and has had many years to lose any extra moisture.The other important benefit with reclaimed ash flooring is that it takes on a deeper golden undertone with age that looks different to new ash flooring.

Ash has a Janka Hardness Rating of 1,320 pounds force. It is harder than white oak and nearly as hard as red oak. It has a density of 20% of 670kg/m3. It is flooring that can last over 100 years.

And the great thing about reclaimed ash flooring is that ash has a high shock resistance. This means that is one of the best floors for a kitchen because it can take falling pots and pans. Another good location for reclaimed ash flooring is a child's room because the flooring is strong enough to get a child's jumping around.

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