Reclaimed Cherry Flooring

There is a lot to cherry trees. They are very popular trees. The name cherry comes from a town in Turkey and refers to the tree and the fruit of the tree. The cherry tree is popular not just because of its delicious fruit but also because of its incredible blossoms. The cherry is the national tree of Japan and every spring millions of Japanese people flock to parks and shrines to view the cherries in blossom. It is called 'hanami'. It is something about the ephemeral nature of the blossoms that strikes a poetic chord with the nation.

There are three main types of cherry tree: the red cherry, the wild cherry and the black cherry. It is the red cherry and the wild cherry that produce the best fruit, but it is the black cherry that makes the best flooring and lumber. The black cherry is also referred to in America as the rum cherry, the wild black cherry, chokecherry and escarpment cherry. Whereas the wild cherry exudes a gum from its bark to protect it from fungal attack, the prized black cherry is susceptible to insect attack. Nowadays there is little newly cut black cherry on the market so the best way to get cherry flooring is to buy reclaimed cherry flooring.

Reclaimed cherry flooring in the USA is often sourced from mixed wood barns dating back to the Nineteenth Century or from long forgotten piles of lumber in haylofts from the same period.

The great thing about cherry flooring is its beautiful red color. And the great thing about reclaimed cherry flooring is that the cherry develops a more impressive and deeper red color with age. Although cherry will take a very high polish it is difficult to evenly stain the wood so the rich color of reclaimed cherry flooring cannot be easily duplicated by newly cut cherry flooring.

Two hundred years ago cherry was seen as a cheap substitute to mahogany. Now cherry is regarded as just as valuable as mahogany. Indeed cherry has a higher Janka Hardness rating than African mahogany.

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