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Floor Joists

Floor joists are found under flooring to support the weight of the flooring. It is common for reclaimed hardwood flooring that has been reclaimed floor joists to have metal marks on one edge.

Truss Cords

In architecture a truss is often used to give strength to a structure. It is a triangle within a larger frame. Truss chords are the diagonals that strengthen the structure. It is common for hardwood that was once a truss cord to exhibit bolt holes, notches and holes where there was a mortice join.

Ridge Boards

A ridge boards is the board that runs along the top edge of all the rafters on a roof to keep them in place. Since the rafters were joined to ridge boards it is common for ridge boards to exhibit clusters of nail holes across the face of the board. In addition, reclaimed structural hardwood may have discoloration and chisel marks where metal fragments have been dug out of the wood.

One of the best ways of assessing reclaimed hardwood flooring is to enquire what the hardwood was used for before. Before purchasing you must ask to see photos of the hardwood so you can decide if you like the look of the wood. On the plus side, you can often find some really nice hardwood at cheap prices that was once used in the structure of a house or outhouse. Antique hardwood that is quartersawn tends to be more expensive.

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