Repairing Hardwood Flooring

It is often the case that a homeowner will not discover for a long time that the hardwood flooring in a room is damaged. This often happens when people use carpets over hardwood flooring. It might be that the house was bought with the carpeting and it is only many years later that the carpet is torn up and it is discovered that the hardwood flooring underneath is damaged.

This damage can be caused by moisture. If hardwood is rotten it has to be replaced to stop the rot spreading. There are several companies now that specialize in sourcing antique hardwoods from different periods to ensure a good match with the original hardwood flooring. The only downside about this method of restoration is that the sourced antique hardwood can cost 3 or 4 times as much as new hardwood. Indeed, this is one problem prevalent with environmentalism in general – people over-charge the middle-classes for green services because they know that those with a conscience concerning the environment will overpay to keep a clean conscience. How much does an old railway sleeper or millstone really cost?

Moisture can also cause mold to form on reclaimed or new hardwood flooring. If treated in time the mold spores can be killed. If left, mold can spread throughout a room and a home and make it unfit for habitation.

To repair hardwood flooring with mold first clean the affected area with warm water and oil soap. Then run a fan to dry the flooring quickly. Next take a scraper and remove the top layer of the hardwood flooring. Always scrape with the grain. Then sandpaper the mold affected area thoroughly. Now the mold that is deeper in the wood needs to be killed. The best things to do this are either a mixture of vinegar and borax or oxygen bleach. Do not use normal detergent as it doesn’t seep into the wood and it is not environmentally friendly. Finally, refinish the hardwood flooring. If possible you want to use the same finish as the rest of the flooring has so the repaired patch is not noticed. If this not possible than remove all the finish, sand down the flooring and reapply finish to all the hardwood flooring planks.

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