Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring and Upcycling cont.

It is slightly different to other upcycled products such as jewelry made from piano key pendants or pool balls in that the machinery needed to make reclaimed hardwood flooring is more expensive – reclaimed hardwood flooring is made by kiln drying the wood and then milling the wood into flooring planks – but it is still within the price range of small companies and can be done profitably on a small scale.

Finally, antique hardwood flooring is hardwood flooring that is pulled up and used again as flooring. The purpose of the wood has not changed so it is probably a type of recycling.

The distinction between recycling and upcycling is one worth keeping in mind. It is one useful way of looking at the environmentally friendly credentials of a supposedly ‘green product’. In the case of reclaimed hardwood flooring it is clear that new value is added to old wood and so it is definitely an example of upcycling.







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