Reclaimed Hardwood Floor Suppliers in the USA continued.

Dogtrot General Store is a small supplier of reclaimed pine, maple and other hardwoods. Based in Louisiana.

The Mountain Lumber Company is on Spring Hill Road, Ruckersville, Virginia reclaims pine, chestnut, oak and hickory.

Blackford & Sons in Clarkrange, Tennessee deal in antique reclaimed flooring in such hardwoods as pine, oak, walnut and chestnut.

One of the leading suppliers of reclaimed wood in the USA is Carlisle Wideplank Floors (headquarters in Stoddard, New Hampshire). This company has FSC certification.

This Wood Floor Doctor Post has a good list of suppliers of reclaimed pine.

Pioneer Millworks in Farmington, New York is FSC accredited and has a selection of antique flooring including elm.

Heritage Floors of Georgia has a mill in the town of Union Point in the State of Georgia. The company sources and mills a variety of reclaimed timbers for flooring.


Veser's Antique Woods in Canada has a website in English and French and supplies a variety of antique woods including the unusual antique mushroom wood




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