Walnut - Juglans

Walnuts are deciduous trees that grow between 10 to 40 meters high (30 - 130 feet). The walnut is part of the Juglandaceae family. Walnuts are found all over the world: in Europe, the States, Canada, Japan and in Argentina.

Walnut trees are light-demanding and need protection against strong winds. They are, however, very drought resistant.

The sapwood is a creamy white colour and the heartwood is dark chocolate colour. Walnut is prized in America because it is the only native darkwood on the continent.

The primary commercial uses for walnut are for timber and for nut harvesting.

Walnut timber is very attractive. It is hard, dense, tight-grained and polishes to a very smooth finish. These qualities make walnut an excellent material for flooring.

The main drawback to walnut flooring is its hardness. It has a Janka Hardness Rating of only 1,010 (pounds force); making it less hard than ash and other hardwoods. On the positive side it is a timber that is easy to work with. Walnut is easy to glue, nail or screw; it stains well and has a beautiful and easily attained finish.

Because of the relatively low hardness of walnut flooring, it is not suitable for high traffic situations. Also the dark colouring of walnut flooring might not suit every home decor.

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